We are picky ..

We LOVE our Tesla cars. But we also know our cars could use some help from ever growing list of accessories. The world of Tesla accessories could be confusing. It was for us until we tried the following products and liked them so much to recommend to our Tesla family.


John (& Sameer & Ram)

P.S. Do you know more accessories that could benefit other Tesla owners? Email us, we will be happy to vet and include them here.

Elon Accessories

The story of Elon Accessories is simple- scratch your own itch.

When the founder, Ram Gangisetty, was dismayed by a screen protector for Tesla from a popular company, he started to make better ones. What started as a challenge is now a garage based startup in heart of Silicon Valley. Their custom-made (not resold from screen protector, actually anti-glare and fingerprint proof screen overlay, is the best and you would not know you needed it until you started to use it. Find out more about them and get special 15% OFF when you use this link:


If you are looking for car seats that are safe and can fit three-across the back row in all Tesla’s then look no further than Diono. Diono innovates for increased safety, and our steel alloy frames, aluminum reinforced side walls, EPS foam and a Safe Stop® harness absorb energy to protect your most precious cargo. Members receive 10% off their order using entering code: TOSV10 at


If you are looking for a subtle air freshener in your Model 3 then Scent Wedge will dazzle you. Created with 100% natural oils, this is another California based company that makes fragrance filled wedges that will hide in the air vent. Get 20% OFF your purchase using special offer code: teslaownerssv at


Tesla Model 3 break-ins have become an epidemic and finally there is a solution: DROP LOCK. DROP LOCK helps deter thieves by making it difficult to fold down the rear seats. It won’t stop the window from being broken but it will help protect your valuables in your trunk. Members receive 10% off using discount code: siliconvalleyowners by going HERE.


Get 15% OFF your purchase using special offer code: teslaownerssv at

Vegan Tesla Model 3 Center Console Cubby
Alcantara, suede-like material interior with a black synthetic leather
exterior. Custom Model 3 badging, removable divider and your choice of two
color variants: all black or limited edition red/black

Premium Interior Light Upgrade (6x Brighter than stock)
Upgrade the interior of your Model S, X or 3 with our Super Bright LED
light bulbs. Tired of the dim interior lighting of your Tesla? Having
trouble seeing when you drop something in your car? Let's fix this problem
with our bulbs that are 6x brighter than the originals. Simple


Our members receive $10 off on orders over $100 when they use the discount code “elonbucks” during checkout at One of their most popular products is the EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model 3 — protect your Model 3 from the elements when you park it outside, and protect it from dust, grime and even potential scratches when you’re parking inside. You can purchase one at

CO Zero

If you are looking for premium performance pedals and foot rests for you Tesla, head over to

Based in Sweden and serving thousands of customers world wide, they produce the highest quality aluminium pedals and foot rests available.

Use offer code teslaownerssv for 15% off all their products.